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Sept.20-24, 2021

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Most of these messages are by Pastor Dr. Tom Walker.
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The Sin of Unfaithfulness T.Walker 2013 AM Rev.2
Dreams That Will Never Come True T. Walker 01-12-14 PM Isa. 29:8
Wilt Thou Revive Us Again? T. Walker 01-12-14 AM Psm. 85:6
Is It Nothing To You? T. Walker 01-15-14 WED Lam. 1:12
Excuse Me T. Walker 01-19-14 AM Lk. 14:16-24
Keys to Success In the Ministry (ordination message for Matt Mills) T. Walker 10-19-14 PM Joshua 1:8
Lingering Too Long and Not Going Forward T. Walker 01-22-14 Wed Deut.1
The Uncompleted Story T. Walker 01-26-14 AM Acts 28:30,31
You Can Be Genuinely Happy T. Walker 01-26-14 PM Psm.100:1-3
Should I or Should I Not? T. Walker 01-29-14 Wed Rom. 14:23-25
Remember the Lord Jim Roland 02-02-14 PM Neh. 4:14
How the Church Prospered Bud Wishon 02-05-14 Wed Acts 2:36-41
Learning From the Life of King David- Part 1 Tom Walker 02-09-14 AM Psalm 51:1-10
Learning From The Life of King David- Part 2 Tom Walker 02-09-14 PM Psalm 51:11-19
Series On the Lamb- "Where is the Lamb? T. Walker 02-16-14 AM Gen. 22::1-18
Series on the Lamb- "The Lamb in the Night" T. Walker 02-16-14 PM Ex. 12:1-13
The Man Named Trouble T. Walker 02-16-14 Wed Joshua 6:


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